Shri sidh baba temple is a natural temple , situated on a hill. this can be classified as rock cut temple of Indian architecture. The temple is many centuries old and local villagers tell that temple was in existence before village established. There are many stories about temple like structure of holy cave is like hood of a snake and snake is integral part of lord shiva (sidh baba ).The Shiva linga is so holy and powerful that a priest named Raj baba who has served sidh baba for 5 years took away from temple in midnight and absconded .villagers did agitation against police and administration and demanded Shiva linga back to temple. police tried it’s best but could not find shiva linga as well as Raj baba.then after 15 days lord shiva told a villager through dream about his location then only police could find the holy shiva linga.There is a water resource near shrine called as jalkunda it is said that it’s water cannot be finished means jalkunda is always full of water. approximately 60 years back this kunda became empty due to severe drought for continuous 3 years then villagers started akhand kirtan for raining and for bringing water back in jalkunda .after continuous akhand kirtan of 5 hours in standing position compelled lord Shiva to bring rain and water in jalkunda.the priest told that final pujan will be completed by water of jalkunda and send a villager to bring water from jalkunda .everyone was surprised to know that kunda is full of water.