Horoscope 2017

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The Horoscope 2017 shows that we’ve got an interesting year going on, and it starts out on the right foot, or the left foot, of course, depending on how you want to approach this … but either foot forward is going to work. And the beat is a constant this year, a steady, fixed rhythm.

Traditional beliefs will be challenged as never before when breakthroughs in technology, politics, and biotechnology liberate the public in new ways. Big business and organized religion may object, but with Pluto slowly moving through Capricorn starting in 2008, the establishment is due for an overhaul.

Fortunately for us, Uranus is powerfully positioned in 2017, indicating that the world is indeed moving forward. We can look forward to progress regarding our rights, and the rights of many others. The horoscope 2017 shows that there’s simply no going back at this point. The Age of Aquarius is upon us.

2017 Horoscopes for each zodiac sign

Horoscope 2017 Aries
(March 21 – April 19)This year will include a fly by pass from your ruling planet — that would be Mister Mars to the rest of us — and this quick pass by Mars starts in late February and stretches into late March. It’s a hectic period for you, but wait, there’s more because Mars then slides on into the next sign, and gets everyone else really riled up. Just in time for your birthday.The biggest of influences for the year are going to be the way you deal with your living arrangements. I’m back to the suggestion of an Airstream Trailer, maybe not in real life, but perhaps the idea of one, because they are really easy to hook up to the old truck and move. You might be shifting your living arrangements. Or, like what happened when I moved into a trailer, you might discover that your personal belongings get shifted around. Some of this was all set in motion last summer, and that probably feels like it’s centuries in the past.

But a quick glance down memory lane will have a lot of useful information about what is going to be coming up. Mars makes an interesting trek around the zodiac this year, and he’s going to be a prime motivational device for you, all year long. He’s in a position where he bring excitement, action and adventure. And a little frustration because he requires that you slow down long enough to assess what is going on. He’s an important player for your chart for this year. Learn to listen to the fife and drum, and be prepared to march to his orders. You might feel like you’re going solo on few sets of the Martian maneuvers, but he’s there, herding you along nonetheless.

Horoscope 2017 Taurus:
(April 20 – May 20)

The research I’ve done on the Saturn and Jupiter this year has been rather interesting, but I didn’t get a true representative sampling of some data. I did scan back through the last hundred years or so, and it turns out that Saturn, with his 28 year cycle, and Jupiter, with his 12 year spin. This is, of course, an approximation, but I figure this cycle is having a big impact on your life.

It’s like that feeling I get when there’s a really big fish on the line. In 2017, sometimes you’re going to feel like this big fish is a head shaker, and some times you’re going to be sure that it’s a tail shaker. Either way, though, it’s going to feel like there are big things happening. In fact, around your birthday, you might feel like you’ve got a shark on a hook, and it’s a big one.

The only problem with any of these scenarios, is that some folks will look a little askance when you try to explain what is happening. And  your ability to tell tall tales seems to be greatly enhanced. “That fish was so BIG is was dragging the boat with it!” Really!” (My fine Taurus friend, I’m a Sagittarius — I’ve told better whoppers than that myself.) To make it work, check just what it is that you’re trying to communicate. On a more serious note, there is a chance for some real professional advancement this year.

Horoscope 2017 Gemini:
(May 21 – June 21)

Mid April sees the first of the Mercurial Tail Spin that influences most of the Geminis I know (Mercury Retrograde). Things straighten up around the Ides of May. Then you have two more Mercury Retrogrades: one from August until early September and another from December. The Mercury Retrograde sirens will be in effect during these times, and now you’re aware of when to duck. Be ready to quack.

There is something alluring about this year, too. It reminds me of another Siren — the half bird, half female creature which Homer wrote about. That would be Homer the Greek Poet, not Homer Simpson.

The allure of the Sirens had to do with drawing sailors into their grasp. With the relative motion of Mars in the coming year, you’re going to find that there is a similar allure working in your life. This doesn’t have to be romance, or as one girlfriend called it, “Romance — sigh.” It could also mean that people will listen to you about business. It means you could attract that big deal you want. It means you’re attractive on more than one level.

Of course, like the old poem about the Sirens, you’ve got to be a little careful this year. You need to pay careful attention to the retrograde pattern, the planets will activate your unconscious minds, and please make sure you don’t go chasing the wrong person/place/thing.

Horoscope 2017 Cancer:
(June 22 – July 22)

The idea of a May-December theme runs throughout the year for Cancer. Of course, this would suggest a relationship theme for Cancer, but it’s broader than that. Relationships always suggest something along the lines of romance. While I like the May-December concept, there are some practical problems with just such a relationship — most notably, “What will the neighbors say?” In a trailer park, it’s a lot more difficult to hide whatever activity might really be going on, and while this relationship idea is fine on paper, even good, it might not quite work the way you want it to, not in the real world.

Be careful about allowing your “business” to be known on the street. This year could bring some invasions of your privacy. This isn’t on a level which excites conspiracy theorists; it’s more like living life large. You’re going to attract a lot of attention. The challenge for this year is to figure out where this publicity comes into play and to figure out how to make the unwarranted attention work for you.

The big pile up lends you an extra degree of energy for dealing with this. Now, it’s your task to ascertain just where you “public relations” funds will be best spent. And don’t be surprised if what gets talked about is of a somewhat private nature — in the Cancer trailer here on the lake, the windows are open, all year long. There’s a good quote attributed to the English author, Oscar Wilde, “The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Horoscope 2017 Leo:
(July 23 – August 22)

2017 is going to be one of those years — no two ways about it. The planets generate a lot of tension for you. The high points for some signs may feel like low places for Leos this year. Don’t forget, in the less-than-traditional country song, Garth Brooks reminds us that he’s got “friends in low places.”

Change is inevitable, and the best course of Leo action for this year is to “gird thy loins” for big changes with long reaching affects. No, it’s not bad, but in the parking lot of life, you’re going to encounter some pretty big speed bumps. Think about that caution as you get ready for some of the challenges, and that unique blend of languages. If you can tame your Leo Lion attitude, you’ll find that things will begin to work your way by the end of the year.

The year 2017 does start out on a good note, in fact, you’ll be spending the first few months plowing ahead into the Year 2017 stuff at full speed. Sometime around the end of April, though, you will start feeling the cumulative effect of all work and no play. I would suggest a vacation, right about then. A long one. Then, get ready, because it’s back up to speed as you spend the rest of the year picking up after other folks’ mistakes during the big Taurus thing. It makes for an interesting year. By the time November and onward rolls around, things start looking good again as you sprint through the final stages of the year in good Leo form again.

Horoscope 2017 Virgo:
(August 23 – September 22)

There’s a special emphasis on this year, one that makes it particularly suited to the fine sign of Virgo. There are some changes headed your way this year, big changes, events which will seem to take you from one Virgo extreme to another Virgo extreme. If you can just look at this year as a time to explore “Extreme Virgo Sports” then you’re fine. This phrase “extreme Virgo” prompted much discussion around the office here, and one of the more cynical fellows in the back room had some rather untoward suggestions for defining “extreme” Virgo. But that’s what this year is about.

The big news, and the underscoring theme has to do with a lot of stuff, and all that stuff in a compatible earth sign is good for you. So there’s something to be said for all of this energy which will infuse your Virgo life. This is a like a test, of sorts, and the time to cram for the final is in May. Shortly after the big stuff hits, there will be a test. It’s not really a final exam either, it’s more like cosmic pop quiz. Reading this means you have an adequate chance to prepare, but as soon as the stuff starts to wrap up, you can bet your Virgo boots that there will be a test.

One of the important themes for a Virgo, for the year, is learning when “close” is good enough. And this is one of the years when a score of 90% is good enough to be perfect. No Virgo I know would ever settle for less than 100%, but this is the year to learn that “close” is good enough. In fact, if you grade on the curve, you will look perfect. See? The horoscope for 2017 shows that this is a good year for Virgo sign, no matter  how you stack it up.

Horoscope 2017 Libra:
(September 23 – October 23)

There’s a strange little eclipse pattern setting up this year. Now, before we even consider some of the major themes, or a single, all encompassing concept, let’s look at some of the ancillary astrological events, like the eclipse pattern. It seems to come from no where, sort of out of the blue. And it hits a number of different flavors in your chart.

About halfway through the year, in the middle of the summer in Texas, the pattern sets up a dynamic which will suggest that you have some Libra like events in your life which require answers that only a highly refined sense of Libra justice can answer. The trick, in the middle of the summer, is not to jump to any hasty conclusions.

The bigger theme is money. You’re going to consider a more pragmatic approach to certain market conditions this year. In the face of current trends, on your own, personal Libra stock market, where cattle futures are important, you’re going to want to consider rolling some of your own prices back. This goes against what folks would consider sound economic theory, but the idea is simple: lower your prices, and watch your cash flow improve in a big way. Money may not be the root of all evil, and it might not buy happiness, but a little financial consideration is certainly in place for this year.

Love? That’s a question best left to your individual chart and a qualified astrologer and fishing guide. But seeing as how you like what you’re reading, and as the year unfolds, it gets more and more accurate, I think you know who to turn to for astrological advice. Let me know when you drop your prices, much to the consternation of your opponents.

Horoscope 2017 Scorpio:
(October 24 – November 21)

There is a lot of change brewing this year, changes are bubbling up in the signs. Some of this is due to the big dog pile of planets in the spring. But there’s also some long range, perhaps more subtle effects that should be considered by my fine Scorpio friend. There’s Mars, who will make exactly one half of the zodiac this year, winding up at the end of the year, in Scorpio. But before he gets to your sign (our sign), he’s going to make his way through the preceding signs. That would include Taurus (opposite you) and Leo (90 degree angle to you).

These can be problematic times, if you don’t handle this Mars stuff with a degree of caution. During those months when Mars is doing his thing, and before he gets to your sign, all I can suggest is that you grab yourself a pair of heavy duty gloves — Bubba uses them to handle the BBQ — and these gloves will serve you well this year. You will deal a number of hot topics, and the the easiest way to make sure that my Scorpio friend doesn’t get burned is to use those heavy oven mitt looking things. I know that the heavy gloves reduce your ability to operate with a degree of finesse, but after looking at your chart and tracking what the year has, I’m pretty sure that soft and delicate is out for now.

Caution isn’t out, but you’re going to find that diplomacy is the more correct method for dealing with folks in the coming year. The hazard with Mars [and a Scorpio attempt at diplomacy with cutting wit and snide little comments] are the problems this year. It’s a central theme, and your sign often wants to get one last little Scorpio-esque comment in. Be careful with that “last word” thing this year. It could come back to haunt you.

Horoscope 2017 Sagittarius:
(November 22 – December 21)

I’ve worked up a couple of different ways of addressing the Sagittarius year ahead, and I’ve noticed that this year has a resounding and unavoidable impact for Sagittarians born in the middle third of the sign’s date range. But that leaves the rest of the sign relatively free of problems.

So if you’re encountering an undue amount of disruptions this year, you’d be wise to consult an astrologer. A Sagittarius astrologer with an early degree Sagittarius Sun comes to mind, someone who has “hands on” experience with this transit (but I’m not naming names right now) comes to mind.

Otherwise, Sagittarius has a relatively easy year. There’s a continued emphasis on work and work/career issues right now. And since this is a lot of “fixed stuff” which needs to be attended to, that’s going to tighten up your focus on that issue as Sagittarius will spend a greater portion of the year sorting out some work-related problems. Do you like your job? Did you make the correct career choice? Is there something else available? With the Taurus lineup in May, the job stuff becomes really important.

Sagittarius is never without a few saving graces, and it’s our saving graces which are going to be called upon in order to get through this mess of a year. It winds up with a distinct change in direction. For some of us, this is a mere course correction, for others, it’s as if you’ve turned the boat around, and you’re going to find yourself sailing off in completely new direction, perhaps exploring territories which you never thought possible. Keeping an upbeat attitude will help some, and most of the Sagittarius folks won’t have any problem with smiling in the face adversity this year. Remember, it’s the fixed stuff which is getting rattled, and there’s no need to hold onto outdated ideals this year.

Horoscope 2017 Capricorn:
(December 22 – January 19)

There’s a certain, almost feminine, overtone to your year. And there’s a good underscoring to the year as well. You’re going to be a little upset from time to time as the changes occur a little more rapidly than you want them to. You’re also going to be face to face with some drastic revision work, especially in the spring. But these last minute editing changes in the screen play about your Capricorn life are going to be good. Just realize that these are changes which have to be made — and even though you feel like you are forced to cut out some of the juiciest parts, the over all narrative for the year works out quite well.

This is a time when it’s really handy to have a good editor, and maybe that’s the easiest way to look at the year — a good editor cuts out the stuff that doesn’t fit. A good editor asks pointed little questions which open up new avenues of thought. And from these new avenues, there’s a single spark which eventually ignites a whole new blaze.

It would be dishonest of me to say that the 2017 horoscope suggest that every Capricorn was going to find a new spark in his or her love life this year. It would be a false statement. But there’s just the strongest hint, like a smoky flavor to a certain jalapeno sauce which is suggested, and romance figures very well this year, in one form or another. It looks good. The big changes start before the big stuff in Taurus in May, and the effects of the changes last all year long.

As previously alluded to, there are a few moments in the year when some things don’t seem to go quite the way you want, but even then, if you can adopt a “wait and see” attitude, you’ll find that events always manage to turn out for the best — for you.

Horoscope 2017 Aquarius:
(January 20 – February 18)

Many years ago, I made a suggestion to a certain Aquarius that she consider buying a mobile home. Of course, she was sure I was talking about the type of trailer that I live in, a somewhat less than mobile home, more like a “pre-manufactured” housing arrangement. That’s not what I meant, and now this predictions is coming full circle.

Really, it’s only coming one fourth of a circle and that’s one quarter of the way around the zodiac from Aquarius.  And it’s hitting at the home front, almost literally. That’s why I suggested a mobile home because Aquarius will feel like moving.

The very foundation of the Aquarius Experience will get shaken this year. This isn’t like an earthquake, except, perhaps, in the metaphorical sense of the word. But it does leave the fine Aquarius wondering a little, and thinking, “If I could just pick up the house and move it someplace else” which completes the circle, and brings us right back to the idea of a mobile home. Perhaps a decent trailer house, the kind you can actually tow to a new destination….

The year is going to require that Aquarius be a little more self-sufficient, a little more willing to rough it, and a little more willing to deal any number of minor challenges which arise from a time when the bedrock foundation of the Aquarius world gets a thorough little shake. The Aquarius trailer here in Shady Acres is almost levitating on its foundation of cinder blocks — even right now. You can tell it’s getting ready for the coming year. Just as an aside, while you’ll never really have to use the munitions and supplies laid in for the end of the century crash although some of those supplies will be handy when you start to move around some….

Horoscope 2017 Pisces:
(February 19 – March 20)

The Pisces year gets off to a tremendous start as Mars barrels through the sign of the Fishes at the very beginning of the year. Activity, lots of it, “Yes sir, that would be Mars all right.”

But Mars doesn’t linger in your sign, and what’s going for the rest of the year is an emphasis on how you communicate with world. It’s as if you have been chosen, a designated communications portal, to deliver a message unto the world. Of course, a number of literary endeavors come to mind at time like this, “The Celestine Prophecy,” “Spiritwalker,” and a personal favorite, “Mutant Message from Down Under.” I think I like the last one so much for a number of reasons, like, it really irritated some of the folks in Australia with its patently fictional account of some of its narrative tale. It also has the coolest title, if not the best message.

While it’s really nice to consider that this would be a good year to consider writing your book, the Book of Pisces, or the Gospel According to [your name here], I can’t see that you’re really well astrologically aspected for getting this published. In fact, you might just be taking notes, and getting your material together. The Astrological Age of Pisces is drawing to a close, and it’s time to straighten out just what message it is that you are supposed to let the rest of us have to carry us forth into the dawn of the next stage of evolution. So all that sounds pretty high and mighty.

In the real world, the day to day stuff, the year gets kicked off good, slows down, the Pisces foundations get rattled a little, and then you get turned upside down in the middle of the summer, only to have everything come right back around, and you land on your feet by the end of the year. Now, are you stationary when you land on your feet? Are you stable? Are you running again? That, my fine Pisces friend, is up to you.

Be blessed this year!