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We are on a Mission. The most precious gift you can give us is a little bit of your time. If you would like to help, you have come to the right place.

Content :-
Write articles About the history of the temple. Stories that your Grandma used to tell you. Express your stories as you love.
Donate photos Click photographs you like. Email them to us, we’ll make a digital artwork and you will see your photos among ours. You can even provide illustrations by making them yourselves. Record the Bhajans you listen over there.
What and how? If you want any technical help or you think that we are leaving something behind, please email us at
Next step! Contribute your articles or photos you already have and email the contents to
Spread the word :-
Spread knowledge Everyone is not accessible to the internet so in that case download, print and distribute them as posters. Content on our website is free of copyright and can easily be downloaded.
Spread the word Email your friends; post them on social networking sites. Add email footer. Like us on Facebook. Post our stories and shlokas on Facebook

License our content License our content. Publish it in the newspaper or magazines. Acknowledge the source so that more people can benefit from it.
Invest :-
  Donate Donate directly profit organization Aashirwad Account. We do not seek or accept money from. We do support advertising or the sale of any product or service from our website.
Sponsor an author or artist Select an author or an artist from your neighborhood and pay the person directly. This helps to get original content, and helps people produce content for Lord while rewarding them financially.
Contact :-
Contact Us Read about us. Read our mission.  Ask the query. Report a problem or email us. Support us.